Most of our services are performed “in house” which gives us the ability to ensure a high level of quality control and scheduling over every aspect of your project. From conception/design to the final walk-through we’re with you every step of the way, dedicated to ensure you receive exceptional customer service and your vision of your home is exactly what you were promised.

Additions & Remodels

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Have you envisioned your Dream home but do not want to relocate! Would you love to have a larger space for entertaining? Let us design and show you how we can create your Dream Home without the relocation. Data shows that on average an addition built and designed right will enable the homeowner to recoup 100% of costs associated.

Creating new spaces out of existing ones is a challenging and special skill. Design, construction and value engineering all play an equal role in the final product. Our team delivers some of the best designs and concepts in the nation and our craftsmanship stands alone in quality.

Landscaping & Hardscape

Pro Green NRG Inc. has completed 1000′s of landscape projects. Our same designers that create world renowned additions and  interior spaces use the same knowledge, programs and skill set to create your landscape paradise. Whether your looking for water conservation or your Dream yard we will deliver our best product that will be unmatched in quality and customer service.

Construction Consulting/Project Management

Construction choicesWin win strategy

Pro Green NRG Inc. provides a full spectrum of intelligent, cost-effective construction management and project management services. We offer multidisciplinary expertise, in-depth industry-specific experience, and a solid reputation for exceeding client expectations.

Home Performance Testing

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We provide homeowners and businesses with comprehensive home performance analyses and building investigations. We are also technology geeks! Our 3D modeling and computer modeling of your homes energy dynamics is IRS-recognized. Our IRS-recognized energy modeling software creates a basic simulation of your home and we simulate the improvements which will provide an estimated cost, effect, and simple payback on the recommendations we make.


Kitchen/Bathroom Remodels

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Remodeling your Kitchen and/or bathroom is one of the most cost effective upgrades you can do to your home. Whether your room is outdated, not user friendly or it needs a face-lift our design team has the knowledge and understanding to provide a perfect solution within your budget.

Solar PV Systems

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Solar power is for everyone! Tens of thousands of homeowners have already made the switch. Solar on your roof means you generate your own solar power and control your energy costs.

Lighting Upgrades

Lighting Upgrades
Energy Star Qualified light fixtures are required to use 25% or less of the energy used by equivalent standard light fixtures. In addition, Energy Star Qualified
CFL pin-based bulbs that must last at least 10,000 hours, whereas Energy Star CFL bulbs for standard light fixtures only last approximately 6,000 hours. By replacing the five most frequently used light fixtures in your home with Energy Star qualified models, the average family in the U.S. can save $70 each year in energy costs. (Energy Star)
To estimate your potential to save energy and money by installing these products please see the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Energy Saver calculator.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Energy Efficient Pool Pumps
Replacing an existing single speed pool pump and motor with a high efficiency variable speed pool pump and motor has the potential for significant savings, especially in warmer climates where there is a longer swimming season.
SC Edison estimates for a 20,000 gallon pool that needs cycling one time per day, the average homeowner will save approximately $430 per year using a variable speed, high efficiency pool pump motor over a single speed pool pump motor. This allows for payback on the investment within a few years and may also reduce noise when the motor is running at a lower speed. Energy Savers references a Florida study of 120 home pools which indicated a 40% savings just from the installation of a high efficiency pool pump and motor.
Both sources warn of the importance of properly sizing the new pool pump and motor in order to avoid consuming more energy than necessary for your pool’s needs.
Energy Savers

Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating
You can significantly reduce swimming pool heating costs by installing a solar water heater. They’re cost competitive with both gas and heat pump pool heaters, and they have very low annual operating costs. Actually, solar water heating is the most cost-effective use of solar energy in many climates.Most solar water heating systems include a solar collector (heats the water), a filter (removes debris before goes through the collector), a pump (circulates water through the system), and a flow control valve (diverts pool water through the solar collector). In addition, solar collectors are made out of different materials that are more or less appropriate for different climates and different usage patterns.
Collectors for pool heating normally do not require glazing or insulation since they are operated during warmer times of the year. This allows for a simpler design that is far less expensive than domestic hot water collectors. In fact, many collectors are made of heavy duty plastic which is treated with an ultraviolet light inhibitor to extend the life of the panels. The advantages of plastic collectors are that they weigh less than metal collectors and they are much less expensive.
According to Energy Savers, proper maintenance of your system will keep it running smoothly for 10-20 years, and your collector should require little maintenance if the pool’s chemical balance and filtering system are checked regularly.

Energy Efficient Roofs

Energy Efficient Roofs
Energy Efficient Roofs are roofing products that reflect more of the sun’s rays than standard roofing products. According to Energy Star, Energy Star qualified roof products can lower roof surface temperatures by up to 100 degrees. This reduces the amount of heat transferred inside the building and reduces the amount of air conditioning needed, including a possible 10-15% reduction in air conditioning for the hottest hours of the day.
According to Energy Savers, standard or dark roofs can reach temperatures of 150°F or more in the summer sun. A energy efficient roofs under the same conditions could stay more than 50°F cooler. Decreasing the roof operating temperature may also extend the life of the roof.
energy efficient roofs are generally considered most effective in areas with longer periods of warm weather that require significant usage of air-conditioners and other cooling methods.
To estimate your potential to save energy and money by installing this improvement, please see the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Energy Saver calculator.
Please visit Energy Star to find information on Federal Tax Credits for this product.
To check the utility rebates available for this product, please check these websites if your a customer of:

Water Heating

Water Heating
A tankless, on-demand water heater is just what it sounds like – there is no storage tank with water that is already hot. Water heaters only heat water when you are ready to use it, but they are able to continuously heat water so that no one runs out of water when they need it. In addition, they have a longer lifespan than storage water heaters, usually about 20 years.
Similar to a gas condensing storage water heater, a water heater allows most users to reduce their natural gas bills by over $100 per year, the equivalent of a 30% savings in water heating energy use. Families with higher than average usage will have increased savings. Energy Savers estimates that families that use 86 gallons or more per day can achieve additional savings of 8%–14%, with even greater energy savings of 27%–50% if a water heater is installed at each hot water outlet.
To estimate your potential to save energy and money by installing this improvement, please see the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Energy Saver calculator.For more information visit Energy Star Or Energy Savers.

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines
According to the US Department of Energy, a small wind energy system canyou with a practical and economical source of electricity if:

  • Your property has a good wind resource
  • Your home or business is located on at least one acre of land in a rural area
  • Your local zoning codes or covenants allow wind turbines
  • Your average electricity bills are $150 per month or more
  • Your property is in a remote location without easy access to utility lines
  • You are comfortable with long-term investments

Remember, you will need sufficient available land to build a tower for the wind turbine.
Sometimes ,issues regarding noise, view blockage, zoning and safety issues are
important points for consideration. These are all issues you’ll find our consultation most
For more information, see this publication from the US Department of Energy.

Please visit Energy Star for more information on Federal Tax Credits for Wind Turbines.


Pro Green NRG has hand selected our team of financial partners and value those relationships. Our financing goes well above and beyond our competitors to offer our customers the best in today’s rates and terms along with friendly and helpful staff. We offer PACE Financing, HELOC’s, conventional, leases, PPA’s (Power Purchase Agreements), purchase and same as cash terms. We are sure to find a solution for you and your family.